NEW BOOK! Because We Love Our Marriage: 12 Ways to Safeguard Your Eternal Relationship

Wed, Apr 5, 2017

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Because We Love Our Marriage: 12 Ways to Safeguard Your Eternal Relationship

We, Gary and Joy Lundberg, are happy to announce that our new book Because We Love Our Marriage is now in stores. It’s a bold new approach to help protect your sacred union. In an age of a “anything goes,” it’s more important than ever to safeguard marriages from Satan’s troubling influence. In this book we present twelve crucial practices that have the power to fortify your marriage as you develop an honest, open, and intimate relationship with your spouse.

Topics include the enticements that married individuals face at work, with friends and neighbors, on our computers and other electronic devises, and even as you serve in Church callings—any setting is fair game for the adversary. We must be on guard every day in order to combat the temptations and whisperings of the evil one. His desire is to ruin your family and he can do that best by destroying your marriage.

Here’s a glimpse of four of the 12 safeguards randomly picked from the book:

Safeguard #2: Spend time alone with your spouse and “none other.” President Ezra Taft Benson warned, “If you are married, avoid being alone with members of the opposite sex whenever possible.” We discuss the clever ways Satan encourages you to discount this counsel. Examples of how easily these seemingly harmless encounters can escalate into an affair are shown. You will see how Jared, happily married to his eternal companion Sara, fell victim of this trap. You will see how others avoided it.

Safeguard #7: Be more devoted to your spouse than to the Internet. In spite of it’s amazing ability to help us the Internet is fast becoming a common intruder into the lives of many people. It’s allure takes over the lives of far too many spouses, pushing their wives or husbands out of any meaningful marital relationship. These enticements are listed and practical ways to avoid this trap are given. You will see what happened to Connie when she became caught up in a chat room and what could have saved her marriage. You’ll see plans other made so this would never happen to them.

Safeguard #9: Put your spouse before your children and parents. Because we adore our children and love our parents this may be one of the most ignored temptations. How Satan takes this “good” and shifts it into “bad” is discussed. You will discover what Curtis and Sylvia did to protect their marriage relationship when so much time was required in caring for their disabled son. Other examples are given that show how to love your children and parents while keeping your spouse as your number one priority.

Safeguard #11:

A bold new approach

Be willing to forgive your spouse. Forgiving someone, especially your spouse, is a Christlike attribute necessary for a happy marriage. Satan encourages the opposite—he rejoices when we refuse to forgive. President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Children cry and wives weep because fathers and husbands continue to bring up little shortcomings that are really of no importance. And there also are many women who would make a mountain our of every little offending molehill of word or deed.” In this chapter we discuss the various types of offenses, the small ones being “molehills,” then come the “foothill” size, and then the ones that violate sacred covenants called “mountain size” offenses. We tell how Maggie and Jeff navigated through his eight-year period of infidelity, his repentance, and what it took for her to forgive him and for him to be patient through that difficult time for her. The way they came off victorious is inspiring for anyone facing the need to forgive one’s spouse of a serious offense.

The other 8 chapters deal with equally poignant safeguards that will protect your marriage in these troubling times. It’s for all couples regardless of how long they have been married. It makes an ideal wedding gift for couples just starting out. It can help all people who desire a happy and lasting marriage. Bishops and other Church leaders may also find it helpful in counseling their members.

Because We Love Our Marriage, by Gary Lundberg (marriage and family therapist) and his wife Joy, is available at Seagull Book, Deseret Book and Retail price $13.99. Available on Kindle The audio book on CD is also available. For more information you may call the Lundbergs at 801-224-3447.

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  1. Eric Falconer Says:

    Brother and Sister Lundberg,
    Is it possible to get this book as an ebook (kindle for example)?

    Thanks in advance!
    Eric Falconer


  2. CaMarie Hoffman Says:

    Just ordered it! THANK YOU Joy and Gary!!! Excited to listen ourselves and give this as a gift to our son Isaac who is marrying his sweetheart in just 2 more weeks! SO GRATEFUL for the work you do to help, strengthen, and save marriages and families!!


    • Joy Says:

      Thank you, CaMarie! So happy for Isaac. She’s a lucky girl marrying into your family. She must be fabulous herself to make the cut.
      Love you guys, Joy and Gary


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